A developer’s guide to

launching an NFT collection

Upgrade your web 2.0 skills and become a full-stack Generative NFT developer!


I teach all the skills necessary to plan, build and deploy high-paying ($10,000+) NFT launches in under a week of work!

Michael Stivala

Founder of Luzzu.io
Ex Head of Tech at Mindbeat.app


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A developer’s guide to
launching an NFT collection

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From the desk of Michael Stivala
August 8th

Dear Developer,

  • If you’re not sure how to break into the blockchain space…
  • If you want to make the most of your tech skills and be able to win some of the highest paid work available…
  • If you want a play book to guide you through EVERYTHING involved in engineering an NFT collection drop…

Then this is the book for you.

Here’s why…

My name is Michael Stivala, and I’ve been working in software for the last 10+ years. Last year I decided to break into the blockchain space and add “Generative NFT developer” to my tech stack.

Now I’m landing the highest paid jobs of my career, but at the beginning it was tough. There’s a sea of disjointed and conflicting information to wade through and it goes out of date FAST.

This book is the reference I wish I had at the beginning of my journey – its a playbook to allow you to take on a “smart contract developer” role for a Generative NFT project with confidence. More than that, it’s how I would run the whole project, from start to finish.

This book is an excellent primer into the world of blockchain development. With this information alone I was able to win multiple NFT projects – and more than that, it will provide you a rock-solid foundation to then move into other areas of blockchain development like DeFi, DAOs, etc.

Here’s a bit of what you’ll learn inside the book:

  • A clear breakdown of NFTs, metadata, traits, rarity and their relationships with each other
  • How to transition from a web 2.0 developer to a web 3.0 developer
  • How to guide a client through the process of launching an NFT collection
  • How to guide the design team to deliver the NFT artwork
  • The tools and skills to generate the artwork from the clients designs (using a special fork of the popular HashLips library!)
  • How to generate complicated “rules” when generating the artwork while maintaining your sanity
  • A deep understanding of the pros and cons of using decentralized vs centralized storage services for NFT projects
  • How to easily use decentralized storage services like IPFS
  • How to plan the project like a boss
  • How to impress your client with a few simple project management tools
  • How to split up the project into smaller phases
  • How to maintain a high level of visibility on the progress of your project
  • How to set up a boilerplate smart contract project
  • How to write smart contracts using Test Driven Development
  • How to create a coupon whitelist for the mint
  • How to accept, store and retrieve payment for minted NFTs
  • How to start and stop the NFT sale
  • How to create an airdrop mechanism
  • How to create a “claim” mechanism or “free mint
  • How to limit the total supply of the NFT (and how to test it!)
  • Building credibility for the project by implementing a provenance hash
  • A simple and secure implementation of a provenance hash generator
  • How to create a “pre-reveal” mechanism
  • How to ensure that “revealing” the tokens goes off smoothly without any glitches
  • How to deploy a smart contract to a testnet (we’ll be using Goerli)
  • How (and why) to verify smart contract code on Etherscan
  • Create an automated deployment process to minimize the potential for mistakes
  • How to generate coupons for the whitelist
  • How to create a minting website that connects with your smart contract (including the source code of a full next.js app!)
  • How to optimize a smart contract to reduce gas costs
  • How to measure gas costs during the development process
  • How to launch an NFT collection without any glitches or mistakes!
  • How to utilize OpenZeppelin’s Defender tool
  • How to pass on contract ownership to the client

If you’re ready to jump start your web 3.0 career and attract high-paying clients, get a copy of my book right now!


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“This book IS AWESOME! I've gone through 1000s of tutorials/online learning classes, yours is definitely among the best I've seen.”

Ryan LoDeveloper @ IBM

“Mike breaks complicated concepts down into simple and easy to understand parts. This book is a great primer into the world of blockchain development!”

Johnny CopperstoneLead Developer

“I bought this book for a developer on my team, and with it we were able to smoothly launch an NFT collection for a client. The collection was applauded for it's low gas costs!”

Jon SterlingAgency Owner